Mia Yoon

Born: Seoul, Korea, South
Lives: Raleigh, North Carolina

Mia Yoon was born in Seoul, South Korea. She moved to New York in 1972. She started a serious art training at the early age of 14 at “Art Students of League” of NY and continued for 7 Years. She went to Pratt Institute, but she feels the early art education at Art Students League shaped her life as an artist.
When you look at my work, you could see my love for lines and architectural space. My formal classical training in painting at a very early age plays an important part in my work. Even though my work is abstract and conceptual, you could clearly see my appreciation for rich and pure colors and subtle tone changes to create vibrancy in my work.
I moved from classical style to abstract painting, and then in 2000, I decided to abandon the canvas all together. The wood became my choice of surface with incorporating Plexiglas and electrical lights (LED, fluorescent and neon). My work became sculptural with minimal colors and very clean lines to emphasize the scale of the work.
In 2005, I started to experiment with roller and spray paint on Mylar with very bright colors. “Vertigo Series” came from this time with pure vibrant colors; subtle tonal changes with blurred images that generate an oscillation that in turn provide a physical sensation. One of the great advantages I found working with Mylar material was the great flexibility to work in any sizes and the ability to arrange it like a wall mural. From this point on, I started to work on big scale installations that I attached directly to the walls using ATG tape.

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