Markus Henttonen

Born: Lahti, Finland
Lives: Lahti, Finland

Markus Henttonen

Markus Henttonen has had 19 solo exhibitions since 2001 in Finland, Germany, Spain and Italy and participated numerous group exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Italy, Spain.

Publications include the Books Para-lel City published by Musta Taide in january 2004 and the Book Lahti -arjen kauneus published by Lahti City Museum. Henttonens photos have been published also as portfolios in numerous magazines and books in Finland and abroad.

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Kaisa Heinänen:

Lonely but not alone - Markus Henttonen's photography
looks for intimate stories in the city

As a photographer Markus Henttonen (born 1976) has always been first and foremost urban. During the years behind the camera the focus of his lens has been on the human behaviour in different public spaces and environments - on the streets, cafés, clubs, parks and subways.
His main interest lies in the relation between the citizens and their urban living environment: how different spaces that are ruled and dominated by certain expectations and social codes effect behaviour and self-expression, how people move around in the city or how they escape and seek relief in the hectic rhythm of the city life. Although coming from Lahti, a small Finnish provincial city, he has always been at home in the big cities and capitals.
In a way Henttonen's working method relates to his former working experience in the news/image journalism. He moves around in the streets, meeting people and finding visually and socially interesting angles and situations. What might begin as a vague idea grows into a coherent series through a careful research and intense work that may take even several years. In Paral-lel City -series (2001-) Henttonen concentrates on the relation of citizens and different urban spaces and places. Proxima Estación (2001) consists of intense close ups - coincidental encounters in Barcelona metro. In the early Skateboarding Allowed -series (1998-2004) Henttonen documented urban sub-culture, skaters in the city surroundings. In the series To Be On View (2003-) he took a step closer to the nature from the city, to the beach. Henttonen approaches ordinary everyday places, used by all the citizens, from a new perspective that gives them another twist and forces us to look again.
In the autumn of this year Henttonen has continued with his main thematics - the city, its people and structures, however, more recently his work has started to take a shift towards more dramatised photography. Night-time Stories depicts the city in the night. The role of co-incidences and working methods that, at least to some extent, seem to rely on what comes across, has made space for composed and planned, even film-like settings. The situations are heavily designed and controlled. Natural light conditions have been replaced by spotlights.

short version of Kaisa Heinanen´s essay. The writer is an art historian, freelance writer and critic.

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