Kelly Mark

Born: Welland, Canada
Lives: Toronto, Canada


Born: Welland, Ontario 1967. Currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.
Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (w/ a Minor in Art History) in 1994 at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (N.S.C.A.D.).
Has exhibited widely across Canada, and internationally (including the United States, Australia, & Europe). Such venues include: Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), The Power Plant (Toronto), Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Saidye Bronfman Art Center (Montreal), ZieherSmith Gallery (NY), Leadbased (NY), Museum of New Art (Detroit), University of Houston (Texas), Real Art Ways (Hartford), Ikon Gallery (UK), Lisson Gallery (UK), the Physics Room (NZ) and the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle) etc...
Represented Canada at Sydney Biennale (1998) and Liverpool Biennale (2006)
Recipient of numerous Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council & Toronto Arts Council grants. As well as the KM Hunter Artist Award (2002), and Chalmers Art Fellowship (2002)

Works in a variety of media including: drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, sound, multiples, video & public interventions.

General Artist Statement

I have always had an intense preoccupation with the differing shades of pathos and humour found in the repetitive mundane tasks, routines and rituals of everyday life. Hidden within these spans of time can be found startling moments of poetic individuation, and an imprint of the individual within the commonplace rituals of society. Individuation, especially within this uniformity, although subtle and frequently paradoxical, is something I find myself returning to again and again. Through my ‘will to order’ and my frequently inane sense of humour my objective is the investigation, documentation and validation of these singular ‘marked’ and ‘unmarked’ moments of our lives...


  • BFA, Fine Art
    NSCAD: Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax, Canada

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • It's Just One God Damn Thing After Another
    Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
  • One Time
    Lawrence Eng Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  • Stupid Love
    Platform Gallery, Seattle, Washington
  • Stupid Heaven
    VOX Gallery, Montreal, Canada
  • Stupid Heaven
    MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada
  • Stupid Heaven
    JM Barnicke Gallery (Hart House UofT), Toronto, Canada
  • Apparent Death
    Wynick-Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Porn: Temporary Measures
    Associates Gallery, London, United Kingdom
  • Kelly Mark Thanks Everyone For Everything
    Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Washington
  • Pete
    Gallerie Sans Nom, Moncton, Canada
  • Devon
    3rd Space Gallery, St. John, Canada
  • Drawn
    Wynick-Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Horror/Suspense/Romance/Porn/Kung-Fu
    YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto, Canada
  • Glow House #3
    Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Public Order
    Union Gallery, Queens University, Kingston, Canada
  • Kelly Mark Thanks Everyone For Everything
    Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  • Assorted Public Performances
    AKA Artists Space, Saskatoon, Canada
  • New Work
    Wynick-Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Everything is Interesting
    IKON Gallery, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Crosswalk
    Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
  • 'Bout Time
    Wynick-Tuck Gallery, toronto, Canada
  • Important Instructions for Changing the World
    Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Something To Do Between Not Doing Anything
    Plug-In ICA, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Obvious
    Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada
  • Kelly Mark
    Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada
  • 12345
    Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Time as Activity
    Netwerk Gallery, Aalst, Belgium
  • Endless Renaissance
    Bass Museum, Miami, Florida
  • Time Code
    Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, United Kingdom
  • Mediated
    California Museum of Photography, Riverside, California
  • Living Room
    National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
  • Horroridor
    Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche Festival, Toronto, Canada
  • I Have No Isses
    Lawrence Eng Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  • All Together Now
    Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
  • Goin' Postal
    Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
  • Projections
    JM Barnicke Gallery (Hart House UofT), Toronto, Canada
  • Chacker Chacker
    Moot Gallery, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • By Invitation Only
    Kinz, Tillou & Feigen, New York, New York
  • Situation Comedy
    Salina Art Center, Salina, Kansas
  • Liverpool Biennale: Liverpool A-Z
    Liverpool Biennale: FACT, Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • We Can Do This Now
    Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Canada Dreaming
    Kunstverein, Woldsburg, Germany
  • Infinity Etc
    Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
  • I Really Should
    Lisson Gallery, London, United Kingdom
  • Wish: The Alchemy of Desire
    Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington
  • The Hidden Side of Appearances
    Musee D'Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada
  • Beyond in Western New York
    Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, New York
  • Fuzzy
    Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Canada
  • eQSLi
    Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesborough, United Kingdom
  • Important Canadian Art
    ZieherSmith Gallery, New York, New York
  • Beyond Words
    Bishops University Art Gallery, Lennonxville, Canada
  • Inset: Atopia Projects
    Blaffer Gallery (University of Houston), Houston, Texas
  • Container
    Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Stretch
    Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Video Heros
    Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts, Montreal, Canada
  • Some Videos We Like
    Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
  • Beautiful Stranger
    The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • New Season
    Museum of New Art, Detroit, Michigan
  • Remote Control
    Forest City Gallery, London, Canada
  • Do Try This At Home
    MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax, Canada
  • Optical Verve
    Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
  • 257
    Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada
  • Wallpapers
    Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada
  • Play
    Wynick-Tuck Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Sniff
    Platform Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

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Selected Collections

  • Victoria and Albert Museum (Wallpaper Collection)
    London, United Kingdom
  • National Gallery of Canada
    Ottawa, Canada
  • Canada Council Art Bank
    Ottawa, Canada
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
    Toronto, Canada
  • Musee D'Art Contemporain
    Montreal, Canada
  • Museum London
    London, Canada
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery
    Winnipeg, Canada
  • Hamilton Art Gallery
    Hamilton, Canada
  • Anges Etherington Art Gallery (Queen's University)
    Kingston, Canada
  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
    Halifax, Canada
  • MSVU Art Gallery
    Halifax, Canada
  • Saint Mary's University Art Gallery
    Halifax, Canada

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