Kelli Miller


Born: Villa Park, Illinois
Lives: Brooklyn, New York

Modern technology is a trickster. Slippery and convincing, it promises ease while continually advancing beyond human comprehension. My work lives within this contradiction, examining the quotidian behaviors of our complex relationship with digital technology in particular. It questions the anxious race for faster solutions to the never-ending quest for more: more happiness, more success, more speed. Armed with an Apple computer, outdated cameras, neon colors and a handful of crystals, I create videos that are a hybrid of fragmented narratives, commercial messaging and abstract self help language, animated gifs that exist in mundane looping digital interfaces and ephemeral printed material that examines the digital as physical artifacts. Each piece operates as a platform for performance in which my characters confront the pranks played by a digital trickster, inviting the viewer to examine their own relationship with progress. Humor is the sticky substance that connects us in the shape-shifting virtual landscapes I create, offering humanity where pixels and code typically rule.


  • MFA, 2D Design
    Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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