• ...is a selection of four artists engaged in similar projects wherein a distillation of current conceptual preoccupations leads to the essential, visual components used to execute their works. Using these building blocks, the artists construct two-dimensional, abstract works that manipulate space through a personal vocabulary in a compelling way. Each included work or series breaks apart and expands on the possibilities for drawing and painting as each artist creates her own elaborate architecture.

    Caitlin Masley literally draws inspiration from architecture in her marina city series that reproduces elements of the Marina City (Chicago), repeating and layering them into various arrays for site-specific installations.

    The works by Leah Raintree and Erin Beaver develop as individual systems that "live" on the page. Preoccupations with the body, technology, physics, life and death recombine and emerge as a fully realized "organism" that remains for observation.

    The presentation is punctuated by Silvina Arismendi and her series Fifty/fifty. Silvina takes paint swatches left behind by the Prague building preservation commission on cultural sites and transposes them into living interiors, recontextualizing the colorful essence of an entire building into an unassuming, intentional work of art.

    Ian Cofre is a Brooklyn-based independent curator, working primarily with emerging artists. He recently co-organized The Menus of Chanterelle (2010), a retrospective of the unique menu collection that parallels the last thirty years of contemporary art, designed exclusively for the pioneering downtown restaurant, Chanterelle. Previous shows include The LouvreFRITOS at Cuchifritos Gallery (2008) and Southern Exposure at Dumbo Arts Center (2009).

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