• The video/film works in this issue may lack many of the characteristics of viral videos, but they reward the viewer who is looking to take a break from the barrage of over-cooked imagery and chatter spewing from the Internet's infinite orifices.

    Christopher Becks' video, Parallax, is converted from richly colored 16mm footage. He addresses the practice of landscape/travel films by presenting scenes that seem to connote wandering, and searching for something. The story remains submerged, putting the focus on intense attention to movement, texture, color, and space.

    Amelia Winger-Bearskin performs while sleepwalking in her video ambienTTransformation. Her actions are surreal and grotesque, yet familiar in that they resemble the application of makeup. She seems unaware of the camera, yet is gazing at herself in a mirror. As in Becks' video, the story is a mystery with no beginning or end.

    The World (A Love Story), a computer animation by Jorund Aase suggests a narrative of the beginning and end of the universe, but also the world contained in the space of this video. Aase presents various tropes of sci-fi outer space visuals reminiscent of "Star Trek" as well as films such as Carl Sagan's Cosmos. These bodies in space step forward to function as silent actors in a dynamic choreography.

    Field Studies, by Magnus Wassborg is a series of long black and white stationary shots on HD video of groups of trees, fields, sky, and clouds. Their compositions and tonal range suggest the new topographic school of the 70's in their deadpan presentation of un-dramatic and non-specific landscapes. The gentle fluttering of leaves, and the movement of the clouds allows Wassborg to create a hybrid form between video and photography, where movement and stasis, past and future, are overlaid.

    David B. Smith is a Brooklyn based Artist / Curator forging a hybrid/multi-media practice, and fostering a community of divergent creative voices. He has shown in solo and group shows nationally and internationally, most recently at PS1, Envoy Gallery, Humble Arts Foundation, HQ Gallery, Heist Gallery, Super/Prime, and Boffo. He is a member of the Artist Collective G-77 and the band Noh Beat.

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