• Norwegian artist Espen Dietrichson investigates the conflict between utopian longings for freedom and perfection and the limitations of technology. The vehicle is a frequent motif in his installations, from a bright yellow dragster with white wheels to his glass car. Constructed with rubber, mirror, plywood and screws, Glass-Car is sleek and seductive. Its design reflects both the simplicity of an erector set and a model of futuristic possibilities.

    Andrea Linda Williamson lives in Canada and produces work in many forms including experimental video, sound, calligraphy, sculpture, print media, public works, drawing and painting. Her work explores relationships between people, places and things and the ways of communicating or representing these relationships through the language of public discourse or personal insights. Her series of ink drawings, made in 2009, use acrylic, pencil crayon and marker, and some also incorporate evocative pieces of text.

    Video and performance artist Amelia Winger-Bearskin is the daughter of a traditional native storyteller from the Seneca Cayuga tribe of the Iroquis nation. Trained as a classical opera singer at the Eastman Conservatory of Music in Rochester, New York before she received her master's degree in art from the University of Texas, Winger-Bearskin weaves stories and music into her work. Her looped video, the precarious nature of the over connected generation, portrays the artist staring directly into the camera and singing a maudlin ballad of unrequited love. She repeats lyrics over and over again, like a record skipping. "Your love for me is a bag of pickles… and I love you … and I love you … and I love you."

    A Japanese artist based in Long Island City, Hidenori Ishii received his MFA in Painting from the Maryland College Institute of Art in 2004 and later apprenticed for the artist Takashi Murakami. Ishii produces his own paintings in both acrylic and oil on linen or panels. He achieves the smoothness of the painting's surface through a process of sanding and priming. With deep blacks and vivid colors, Ishii's paintings suggest the possibilities of imagined environmental/ecological systems.

    David Andrew Frey is a New York-based artist, curator and technologist. He founded Culturehall in 2008 as a new way for artists to connect with curators, gallerists, collectors and other artists. David received a MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000. He has also studied at the Camberwell College of art in London the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has been involved with Internet-based technologies since 2000.

    Tema Stauffer is a photographer based in Brooklyn and a curator for Culturehall. She graduated from Oberlin College in 1995 and received a MFA in Photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998. Her work has been exhibited at Jen Bekman Gallery and Daniel Cooney Fine Art Gallery in New York, as well as galleries and institutions nationally and internationally. She teaches photography courses at William Paterson University and the School of the International Center of Photography, and co-taught a workshop at Toxico Cultura in Mexico City. She also writes a blog about photography, PalmAire. In 2011, she was awarded an AOL 25 for 25 Grant for innovation in the arts.

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