Edwin Lo


Born: HK, Hong Kong
Lives: HK, Hong Kong

B.1984. Edwin Lo is a sound artist form Hong Kong. Through different explorations on sound, he tries to develop his own philosophy and language on sound and listening: think- ing sound as an object of desire, as haunting memories and experiences.

Lo presents his body of work in different context such as writings, sound compositions, recordings, performances, videos and sound installations. Since 2008, his works are widely presented in various local and overseas occasions such as Hong Kong Sound Station (Hong Kong, 2009), Shenzhen&Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism Architecture 2009, FILE 2010 Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil, 2010), EMERGEANDSEE Media Art Festival (Germany, 2010), P/S Central (Hong Kong, 2010), Hong Kong InDependent Film Festival 2010 , White Walls Have Ears (Hong Kong, 2011), Uncharted - Braunschweig Project (Germany, 2013), RPM: Ten Years of Sound Art in China (United States and Shang- hai, 2013), Organism (Shenzhen, 2014) and more recently he participated in the group show 'Inside China' (2014) in Palais de Tokyo.

website: www.auditoryscenes.com

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