Byron Westbrook

Born: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Lives: Brooklyn, New York

My work focuses on immersive psychological spaces, using sound and lighting in relation to environment to engage a freely mobile audience. I am interested in creating an experience of intimacy, both on an individual level between the viewer and work as well as in a social, collective experience. I approach sound and light as physical materials that define perception of space, considering their effects on the interaction of social, architectural and sonic elements, while accepting that presence of audience and possibility for interaction in a space will affect the range of perceptual experience. I also consider how memory can play as much of a role in the experience of a moment as the elements that exist in that moment, and am fascinated with how intervallic events, rhythm and duration play into this. Recent works have manifested as dynamic light and sound environments to be utilized as a stage for audience and performers as well as site-specific sonic interventions with landscape and architecture.

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