Beth Chucker


Born: Bethesda, Maryland
Lives: Los Angeles, California

Today, I did not take a picture. Today, I retreated from taking while playing with past images, deciding if they would make the cut—either to be altered or reinvented. Today, I thought about my work and its context. But most days I stop and slow down. I make images and moving fields to see what I can alter about the world, pulling from it to tell a different or even familiar tale. For the past 18 years I have moved in and out of many areas of the photography world, i.e. process oriented imagery, constructed narratives, commercial portraiture and documentary tableau. This kaleidoscope of tools, imagery making, help me in the unfolding of the stories or ideas I am trying to re-tell within my art pieces. My work varies, falling into many different categories, influenced often by the familia, landscapes, video, self and multiples. These actions, methodologies and themes can intersect each other. My video work can be a document that deals with family or it can just be (an) expression of self or landscape. My work with my family can be documentary or become more contextualized within multiples. The making the of the work is the meaning of my work. I relish in photography and video, whether producing a shoot or the simple act of roaming around and taking images, it is an excuse to engage with and learn from people or places I may not meet in any other way. I get a charge talking with my subjects and hearing about their life stories and share this same enthusiasm when shooting an abandoned banana peel on pavement or landscape by way of hump seat and windshield.


  • MFA, Advanced Photographic Studies
    ICP/Bard, New York, New York
  • BFA, Commercial Studies in Photography
    Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California
  • BFA, Photography
    Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, District of Columbia

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