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[finding stones in air above]

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finding stones in air above, 2007

acrylic and oil on linen, 66" x 54"


i began this series of works in early 2005, using various self made systems of translating a single measure of a classical music into a series of formal decisions and rules. depending on the amount of notes in each line of music, each painting involved between 60 and 130 notes; which then translated into the same number of decisions and actions. of course, there are also a lot of intuitive movements in response to the pre-determined decisions.

the score, which i found in my grandmother's garage many years ago, has 48 measures. i hope to create a single painting for every measure, and thus playing the entire score in various visual forms. these are not visualized music, nor an attempt to capture sound in image. they are works birthed from an intimate engagement with a language i cannot read properly - and like a performance of music, they have been determined by a reading of a musical score.

since 2005, this score has generated not only paintings, but sound installations, animated film, sculpture, drawings, and sound performances.

along with the musical score, a number of other influences have found more intuitive ways into the works, including a 2005 visit to corbusier's chapel at ronchamp, rudolf steiner's goetheanum and his writings on architecture, a book on music at the paris exhibition of 1889, giuseppe terrangi's danteum, alexander graham bell's kites, myron stout's writings, and alvaro siza's serpentine gallery pavillion.

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