Magnus Wassborg, MR

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Horror Architecture, 2008

Video wood painting, 60cm x 120cm x 40cm

6,000 USD

Here, as we so often seem to fantasise through stories, the suburban house is reworked with mystery. The mundane becomes extraordinary. The suburbs provide fertile ground for this kind of imagination. In part this must be because of the narrative possibilities presented by juxtaposition of 'normal' life with the strange, the spooky, and the unsettling (see the opening shots of Blue Velvet for the quintessential 'strange undercurrent beneath a normal outward appearance' suburbia).

I'd also say that it is the fact that suburbia is already a fiction that allows the story to be retold with different endings. Suburbia's fictions invented a new kind of place. A place that set nature and amenity in new relationship, where nostalgic forms are enabled by technology and so on.

Posted by anothersam at August 1, 2007 2:23 PM.

Why Horror is at Home in the Suburbs.

Two channel video with non suburb houses and one channel with horror sound.

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