June Pak

[I'm sorry (I can only give you three seconds), 2004]

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I'm sorry (I can only give you three seconds), 2004

video/ stereo sound installation, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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I’m sorry (I can only give you three seconds) is a video/ audio installation utilizing a small room where a full-wall size video projection and a continuous audio of “I’m sorry’s” will inhabit the viewer. The video is simulated version (done in Flash then transferred to video) of Atari’s “Pong” game, and audio is collection of the “I’m sorry…” lines from movies and TV shows. The constant back and forth of the pong and continuous apologies echo each other’s repetitive entrapment within the meaningless expressions. By the placement of the projector, the viewer will cast a shadow on the projection when s/he enters the installation space. The entire installation is a constant cycle of apologies between the artist, the work and the viewer.

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