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Neon Range 01, 2015

Cold-Rolled Steel, Enamel, 30" x 12" x 5"

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Struggling with how to convey the transcendence of Antarctica, I somehow thought of Coors Light. Their logo includes a rough image of Wilson Peak, from the San Juan mountain range in the greater Rocky Mountains; this iconic mountain-sketch has come to represent the beer brand entirely, transforming a sublime natural encounter into a consumable party icon. Here I replicate a stretch of the Transantarctic mountains in a similar fashion, taking a range found near Dorian Bay in the northern Antarctic Peninsula and recreating it in neon beer-sign fashion, as if the only way to communicate the splendor of that visual encounter would be to transform it into a recognizable, consumable low-brow object. The insurmountable depth of the void between subject matter and resultant object is perhaps the only way to indicate the massive emotions inspired by the Antarctic landscape.

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