Naz Shahrokh

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Rhali, 2005

Collected petals and leaves in plastic bags, Dimensions Variable


This project was conceptualized during a time when I was deeply involved in researching the chakras (both in terms of the process of meditation, as well as with its metaphysical meaning to the body). I was living in Cairo, thus surrounded by vast deserts and pyramids, and knew that during my time there I would want to investigate my environment and somehow also incorporate both the desert landscape as well as the pyramids into a body of work. I was deeply drawn to the Dashur pyramid, and felt a sense of belonging and familiarity each time I visited, thus it became the natural choice of site for this project. The formal relationship of the work symbolizes the shadow projection of a figure, as if the sun’s rays pass through the human body from the back, and on the ground, a corresponding shadow projection of each hue to each chakra is visible. The palette follows the chakras from red to violet. The materials utilized were flowers and leaves that I had been collecting since my arrival in Egypt. These organic materials were assembled in transparent bags and attached together to form the pattern of a rug.

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