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Emanations, 2013

wax, glues, fibers, gelatin, latex, clay, and found objects, Dimensions Variable


Emanations was originally a site-specific installation that associates the reality of experience with the semi-subterranean nature of the TuckUnder Project Space (garage)--a space that straddles two spheres of earthly terrain with its orientation situated half in the ground with a living space above it. This peculiar setting was the site for presenting objects and situations that serve as intermediaries for exploring trans-communication between mortal and ethereal. Studio experiments featuring materials with a grounded tangible presence point to traces of objects, bodies, and other states of matter. Intermingled with intangible elements such as sound, breeze, and fragrance, suggestions emerge of the impermanence of some of these raw materials and the viewer’s own physical body as they navigate the space.

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