Miki Yui

[Double Half (2014) audio photo: arc_afar (2011) installation]

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DoubleHalf, 2014

Solar Synthesizer, small sounds, 3m 35s, Dimensions Variable

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upon the request to create imaginary soundtrack to a film director Sofia Coppola for the series "reScores", i chose method of spontaneous live-composing, and combine two opposite acoustic sources.

One is the oscilator, pure electronic sound wave and the another is `small soundsĀ“ , sounds of air, water, daily noises recorded through microphone and modified on computer.

The solar oscillator sounds are modulated by light, they are chaotic, unpredictable and almost out of control.

`small soundsĀ“, fragments of acoustic memories are originally recorded from my surroundings and are modulated

These two elements are composed into an imaginary landscape.

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