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Kindly Use (site specific installation), 2012

hand painted signs, 16" x 24", 7d 0h


Kindly Use was a site specific project along a four mile stretch of Lower Piney Creek Road in Banner, Wy. Using simple, hand-painted signs, I explored land-use ethic practiced on ranch lands.

The phrase “kindly use” was hand painted onto signs. This phrase can be read in two different ways. As a command, it tells the land owner to use, but not abuse, the landscape. It can, however, express a land management philosophy of kindly use, where the owner exercises a high level of responsibility, sensitivity, and responsiveness to the needs of the land.

Kindly Use was completed during a one month residency at Jentel Artist Residency Program. Signs were placed at 20 different locations for varying amount of time. I created a limited edition series of postcards using these images.

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