[Our uniform colors and logo design was based on logos of the trains that ran through the region.]

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CAlabama Peddlers, 2007

Reused wood, chalk, paint, tandem bike, conversation, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


CAlabama Peddlers explored the local history and community-building in a small, rural Southern town, York, Alabama. York’s residents shared stories about the region’s development and collapse as a railroad hub, the evolution of the cotton and timber industries, civil rights issues, and yearnings for the future. Thought-provoking town slogans, based on these stories, were displayed on a billboard attached to our tandem bike. We rode over 200 miles visiting schools, churches, festivals, community meetings to collect stories and promote York as an ecotourism gateway. Slogans included: “The Once & Future York”, “Come Home to York, AL” & “Switchin’ Tracks in York, AL”. Our signage designs were based on the work of a local sign-maker.

Our conversations, images, GPS data, and videos are archived on a documentary website:

Documentary video:

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