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The Service Series, 2004

Performance documentation deconstructing a bus-boy uniform., 40" x 60"

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These seven diptyches deconstruct the uniform that I was wearing in many of my performance pieces from 1999-2002 in which I was taking on the role of a service person or busboy.

1. Walk: I cut the soles out of my shoes and then walked from 9 PM to 9 AM over the course of a Thursday night.

2. Weight: I filled my backpack with cast concrete and carried it for about three and a half hours before the straps broke.

3. Private(s): I replaced the pockets of my pants with long white satin gloves. There is a cum stain on pants in the picture on the left side (a little hard to notice).

4. Relief: The belt (and everything else) came off at Kings Asian Massage Parlor in San Francisco.

5. Strip: The tie (and everything else) came off during amature night at the Knob Hill Theater (male strip club) in San Francisco.

6. Surrender: I modified my shirt with grometts and clips and hoisted it up the flag pole of my local post office.

7. Release: My socks were made of latex and then inflated with helium.

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