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Carapce: Soho20, 2012

Cast plastic, lacquer, wood, nuts and bolts, 72" x 120" x 1.5"

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Carapace - Carapace is the largest of my modular projects. It is a series of 120, 12" x 16” panels coated with a variety of colorful surfaces including furniture lacquer, Plexiglas, and cast plastic. The lacquered panels are painted on front and back, allowing a versatile viewing, especially suitable when installed in the center of a room. Carapace hangs on or leans against walls or stands freely in a room. By using a variety of media that are sometimes more typical of manufacturing than fine art, the work suggests my interest in class issues and the position of privilege painting has held for so long in the art world. Some key themes I explore in Carapace are: a. Repetitive work like drilling, pouring, sanding, and measuring is the labor of industry and art-making is an industrious job.b. It is possible that repetitive honing by hand may imbue a work with more humanity than a large painterly gesture.c. You can build something big from small parts (or cover large distances by taking small steps). d. Color is delightful and beautiful.e. I am committed to the idea of mutual generosity between the artist and viewer.

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