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The Possibility of a Tree, 2012

Public intervention, 90d 0h, Dimensions Variable



For 3 months, I used a tree as a platform to indirectly interact with my neighbors and trace their ideas about the role of that specific tree in their lives and in the physical space they inhabit. By differentiating the tree from the urban landscape through certain actions, I was able to point a site and facilitate through it new relationships that expanded the genealogy of the traditional ideas of the possibility of a tree. I opened it to be a temple, a shrine, a community center, a subject instead of an object, a spiritual advisor, a cheater, a hugger, a murder, a herbal healer, a lottery player and a hair stylist among other roles. Everyday I performed an action and along time, I started receiving reactions from the neighbors. I got involved with the persons that interacted with the tree and was able to access the cosmology that surrounds it though their personal histories and beliefs; facts or fiction, scientific or subjective, all facts were included in this constructed history that echoes the present situation of a neighborhood in a non-traditional and inclusive way. A diary essay and a documentary were made from this experience and about our ideas about what are the possibilities of a tree.

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