Patricia Domínguez

[8th Island Collection of Living Plants, Anne Montt & Patricia Domínguez, 2012.]

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8th Island Collection of Living Plants, 2012

Metal structure, living plants and digital book., Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


The 8th Island Collection of Living Plants has been made without following indexes from Natural Sciences or formal history. This Collection hosts every type of plant without distinction-- native, horticultural, foreign, weeds, ornamental, medicinal, free, paid or any other specimen-- in order to access a current display of the elements that are in motion in Partapur´s environment. This living collection is open to receiving specimen donations from the area of Partapur and within a radius of 30 kms. This project was made during the Sandbarth Artists Residency in Partapur, India in collaboration with Chilean artist Anne Montt.

A book was made with the fiel research:

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