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The Fathers in Sanctuary, 2012

Chromogenic Print, 30" x 40"

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The Fathers in Sanctuary

Chromigenic Print, 30"x40"


The Fathers in Sanctuary tells a story of paternity, nuanced with experience of an

emigrant. My father returned to South Korea briefly in the summer of 2011, to visit his parents and

relatives for the first time since his departure. They only spent three nights and four days together

in 13 years, as circumstances could not allow my father to stay longer in the country.

I accompanied them through this process of reunion. Every hour was intensely charged with

release of emotion, expectation, and sense of absolution and yet each day was passing like any

other day. My interest in this series is to present weightiness of this particular experience between

the two generations of fathers in my life, as well as portraits of each man in the context of their

place of birth – psychological anchor.

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