Nica Ross

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5 Performers, Wooden Boxes, Seamless, Video Cameras, V4, 1h 58m 0s, Dimensions Variable


About happiness of our parents

Who under the direction of the Great Leader

My mother, mother, mother,

my big and hot that love right.

The world, my country, my country

If you do not we do without you, a country

The sun, shining stars no country without

a family's home

I watched endlessly valuable to you

holding the post for all my Selenas

Oh -... My friendly

Oh -... It's my country

, sir.

First step to trample

draw a national anthem

then listen

Oh -... Oh -...

in downtown sunny sunny early spring

joy in every heart a song of happiness and

Eternal word of his power

who affectionately blackmail

Ah -... Commander in Chief

Photographed in the yard with a smiling azalea and

told her that I'll miss him every time you see my face

Oh -... Prosperity of my country

today, we'll stay for rail rail

Oh -... Prosperity of my country

today, we'll stay for rail rail

If there is no love in the future

Revolution after a long, long road


, do not live in today, for today,

for today we'll stay rail rail

Only victory over the trigger

has been leaking in the belief

that the height of this quirky redness

will go along, sir.

Oh -... Oh -... Oh -...

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