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pool, 2010

dehumidifier, archival print washer, inkjet photographs, chromotography paper, carboy., Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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Pool is a series of interrealted works made using Google Earth images of swimming pools in my neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona. This installation recreates these pools by combining the moisture in the air of the space with the colors of water in the images.

Differently filtered representations of the pools are embedded within space, varying in color, scale, and process as they are seen in light, print and liquid form. Through methods of filtering and scaling, new pools are methodically distilled from their satellite representations.

In the central installation, life-scale inkjet prints of pool water were washed in an archival print washer where run-off from a dehumidifier slowly rinsed the ink from the photographs. The displaced water from the washer collected in a glass jug, measuring the amount of moisture collected from the air. A sheet of chromotography paper hung above the washer generated an image over time as it absorbed ink-filled water from the tank.

The prints in the washer were made using an entire cyan ink cartridge. The other inkjet prints of pool water shown in the space were made after the cyan ink cartridge was empty, revealing a range pinks and beiges spotted with the last traces of blue. Amidst them are previously washed prints that inform of what is to come for the prints still in the tank.

As the show progressed, the dehumidifier dried out the climate in the space, affecting how new representations of pools emerged while others were filtered out.

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