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Tsai Ming-Liang reScored, 2012

Flutes, Acoustic Guitar, Modular Synthesizer, Field Recordings, Wind Chimes, 7m 37s

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I was invited to make a stereo composition for Opalnest's reScores project, taking influence from the director Tsai Ming-Liang. Thinking in terms of sound as a representation of architecture and material, I considered the depiction of darkly lit, eerily silent decaying spaces in his film "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone." I intended to capture the subtleties existing in the shadows of his mostly blue color palette by using delicate, nuanced movements to induce a straining for clarity from the listener. The piece also takes on the film's themes of care and responsibility in its empathetic sensibility and progression, while constantly maintaining a distant layer of ominous sounds representing potential for danger.

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