Maren Juell  Kristensen

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Guided Imagery, 2011

Video, cotton curtain, 200cm x 120cm x 160cm, 5m 57s

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A Guided Imagery is traditionally a way of directing thoughts by own imagination or a script. It is used as therapy to heal physical or mental illnesses or to create a calm and focused state by yoga practitioners.

As with a guided imagery script I use metaphors and symbolism, e.g. snowstorm and green screen with nothing keyed in, as a backdrop for a feeling of uncertainty over identity and expectations.

This work is part of a series of work under the umbrella name ‘the problem of attention’*.

In this project I look at how mental states influences visual perception referring to Psychological states and as a media induced situation.

They all have in common a text based narrative with a confessional voice and nature as a backdrop. Nature is used as a reference to the romantic ideal of the original and real.

*From a book by Jonathan Crary called “Suspensions of Perception”.

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