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Nest, 2007

Polyethylene tubing, cable ties, shredded paper in fabric sleeves, Dimensions Variable

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A collaboration of Yuji Hsiao and Doug Johnston

The Nests invite all visitors to enter inside to find their own comfortable spot. Furthermore, they are an invitation for people to find comfort together; a space of relaxation, contemplation, and conversation that is simultaneously public and private. The shell is transparent and the materials are visible and used candidly. The nests are constructed of polyethylene tubing, formed into a web structure that invites visitors to explore its lines. It provides an open yet clearly defined space, which curves in response to its situation in the gallery or on site. The materials used are commonly available and the method of construction is relatively simple, yet results in a complex self-supporting surface. The construction method allows shell spaces to be built in many forms and sizes, and in a short time, while the material is suitable for interior or exterior applications and is reusable and recyclable. The shredded paper inside is all post-consumer.

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