Lisa Jugert

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The Automatic Theatre, 2010

costumes, music, lyrics, Dimensions Variable


In complementary contrast to my photographic work, I occasionally organize and participate in large collaborative performative events. My main interest in these projects is to create unique ephemeral experiences, which, by their nature, cannot be properly reproduced, and to promote collective cultural productions as a form of practice.

The picture shown is from one scene in "The Automatic Theatre", a collective performance show, which I curated and staged at .HBC Berlin in June 2010.

The scene shows two antagonists, who perform a song together. The person in the white costume reads selected "Sentences on conceptual art" (Sol LeWitt) to minimal electronical sounds, while the antagonist performs improvised to live metal music.

Costumes by L. Jugert, Music by L. Jugert with Justine Electra and Theodor Storm

Performed with Raul de Nieves

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