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Calling Occupants: A Paranormal Concert Series, 2011

blown glass, water, 24hr audio/ video surveillance system, weekly concert series, energy, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Between January 27 and March 12th, 2011 a series of events took place at the Canzani Center in Columbus, Ohio in which a blown glass bowl of water was used as a beacon of energy, continuously charged through weekly musical performances. The initial event took the form of a group chant led by Larry Copeland, an area psychic, and member of the Central Ohio Paranormal Society (COPS).

Throughout this time a motion activated surveillance system (running 24/7) was in place to capture any activity (motion or sound) that occurred in the space. To everyone's surprise over 60 hours of "activity" was captured.

From April 5-29 this footage was accessible to viewers in the form of an investigaton station (installed at the Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Vermont) in which visitors could participate in the search for paranormal activity. The footage is still under review.

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