Matthew Gamber

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Empty Cabinet, 2010

Single Channel HD Video (with Sound), 3m 0s, Dimensions Variable

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Empty Cabinet is a collection of views seen on the ground glass of a view camera. These views were then recorded with an HD video camera, to demonstrate the optical phenomenon that occurs. This is a reenactment how photographers of the past would have seen their subject through a haze of in-camera effects (inversion, acute viewing angle, shallow depth of field). While the video shot is high-definition, the cumulative mechanical effect is that of a crude telecine.

The faux-concrete soundtrack is the sound of vinyl record being played by a folded paper cone, which creates an unstable stylus and amplifier. The record groove is simultaneously vibrated and amplified by direct physical contact, generating a tinny vibration. Placing microphone near the vibrated paper captures the faint sound, a method analogous to the means by which the video is created.

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