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Towards Something Meaningful Perhaps, 2009

Digital C-print, 24" x 16"

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"Little Wolf: Let's Make Some Memories" is a series of constructed images detailing a romantic relationship between two people. Emphasizing moments within a larger narrative, these photographs focus on the intimacy in between moments of significance: unspoken glances, lingering touches, brief embraces. Using the home as the principal setting, private exchanges emerging from domestic, romantic, and sexual dimensions of a relationship are openly explored.

Blurring the lines between documentary and cinematographic approaches, these images question the notion of an idealized reality between two individuals. The constructed nature of the photographs itself challenges the existence of the events depicted, inviting the viewer to contemplate the integrity of the romance, and whether this attenuates or intensifies emotional identification with the narrative. The voyeuristic quality of the images questions the origins and intentions of the memories: to whom do they belong, and for whom were they made?

Whereas traditional storytelling is defined by a dramatic structure, these works play with the possibilities of fiction and challenge the expectation of a straightforward narrative. The seemingly random extraction of moments from the larger romance disrupts the order and temporality of the narrative, and allows the images to be assembled in a number of interpretative ways, blurring the lines between past, present, and future.

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