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Untitled (A Tremendous, Strange, and Curious Marvel), 2010

Mixed Medium, 29.5" x 41.5"

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This work is a companion piece to the 'Lion" painting...

When I worked for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus I was often surrounded by reproductions of classic circus posters. These posters were typically brightly colored and attention grabbing; with artistic liberties taken to make the event grander than it actually was in reality. Despite the ‘bending of facts,’ the imagery provided a level of excitement and enjoyment to the viewer; an experience I would later go on to embody when I worked at Walt Disney World as a character performer.

This painting takes on the appearance of an event banner used for promotion, but it is rather unclear as to what is being advertised. Using a small plush toy as my model, the work combines elements of pageantry and promotion to produce a moment of never-ending anticipation.

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