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Feels like home!, 2007

intervention in public space, Istanbul, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Intervention in public space, Berlin and Istanbul, 2006-2008

Feels like home is an art project aiming to redefine the concept of public space, dealing with the pursuit of privacy within public spheres. Feels like home oscillates between private and public rules, it occupies temporarily a public location and gives the space the identity of a fictitious house. The intervention took place in different sites (nine public squares and locations in Berlin and Istanbul) based on their historical characteristics and their architectural and urban structures. Feels like home deals with the question: How could a public space be occupied spontaneously and used temporarily?

The intervention: the house placed in public occupies a 4 sq.m space and is defined/bordered by a white tape. It consists of a table and a chair and has no walls. The people passing by were invited by the artist to use the space for free, as long as they wish, whereas a symbolical contract has to be signed. A temporarily private property-ownership is offered to them as they can re-appropriate and use the already occupied space.

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