Kerry Kolenut

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Swimming Pool, 2009

Inkjet print with graphite, 16" x 24"

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History is based on memory and recollection; we have an identity based on what we remember and what has been documented. The snapshot photograph is an image that records our personal histories and becomes a document used to aid our memory. We recall what has happened in our own lives as well as others, both presently and in the past. This work deals with the process and function of memory by examining the role that snapshot photography plays in our personal histories. Snapshot photographs are often connected to ideas of identity, memory, and relationships. Often how we remember and what we think we remember is fragmented. All of the elements of the image left already exist. By enlarging these images and applying graphite to the surface I am changing the function of the content within the image. All that is left is parts, based on ideas of repetition in location, color, patterns, and events in the original image. The image becomes an abstraction of the reality of the document; the information still exists at the base, but is now masked. It becomes more of a general memory than a specific one, no longer is it about who or what the subject is, but now an open memory.

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