Sarah R J Vaeth

[Shift: May 12. One of nine initial spheroid clusters.]

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Shift: May 12., 2010

steel wire, prepared space., 96" x 216" x 132", 17d 0h


Shift was a site-specific and time-based installation, occuring from May 11 to May 28, 2010. The fortuitous timing of this installation, preceding a partial demolition/renovation of the Fort Collins Lincoln Center, prompted me to think about how the piece could speak to the imminent change affecting the space. My response was to foreground the process by working publicly on a piece that evolved or "shifted" over the course of the exhibition. I broadly planned the direction of this shift analogously with the idea of demolition-to-renovation: proceeding from closed/ isolated forms, to an open/ intermingled structure, to the emergence of new loci of distinct form within that structure.

After I stripped the carpet from the walls and floor of my alloted alcove, and painted the whole space white, I installed 9 closed, roughly spherical shapes. I proceeded to break apart these forms, expanded them, and made linkages between them. The piece became increasingly unified and increasingly responsive to the space.

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