Elaine Tin Nyo

[Installation view. The Phillips Collection, Washington DC. 2009]

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Tete de Moine Cake (FOOD/FAKE FOOD), 2009

Wheel of Tete de Moine cheese, Almond Cake/White Chocolate Frosting, copies of cheese and cake, 3h 0m, Dimensions Variable


FOOD/FAKE FOOD is a series about ideas of liability, replication and the integrity of an artist’s work. In this case, my cake and cheese were displayed, but not available for consumption by the visitiors to the museum. Edible replicas made by a caterer were served to the public. (At the Phillips Collection)

CAFÉ was a 6-month installation at the Phillips Collection. www.thisisnotthatcafe.com. CAFÉ occupied the same space as the museum's cafe but was transformed by interventions by the members of dBfoundation. I created the FOOD elements for the project.

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