Seamus Liam O'Brien

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One Continuous Show, 2010

Acrylic Paint on canvas, 8" x 8"


The rubber duck acts as a metaphor, a personification for the glitzy facades and grand theatrics associated with my theatrical background. This great symbol of leisure fulfills no practical needs in our society; the object only offers a brief psychological reward to its recipient. Yet despite the objects apparent insignificance as a utilitarian device, it remains a popular object within our culture. Its value reflected in the psychology that the exaggeration provides.

As a child I was enamored by the story of the Wizard of OZ. In the book (and subsequent film) the Wizard is portrayed as a large floating head, a mysterious figure that is believed to be able to heal the sick and right the wrong. But as the story later unfolds it is revealed that the great and powerful OZ is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a theatrical construction... a revelation that ultimately allows the protagonist to find salvation.

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