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recipe for personal pleasure, 2011

woven wool blankets, pins and embroidery cotton, Dimensions Variable

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Falls’ works explore the affective gratification experienced throughout creative activity. She questions the assumption that the value of a product lies in its purposefulness and longevity and outweighs the pleasure found in the process of its manufacture.

By using the iconic Kiwi wool blanket usually associated with the domestic, Falls’ stitched “letters” challenge the relationship between public and private activities. There is a hint of voyeurism as the viewer encounters text, salutations, and intimate thoughts alongside the stains and wear and tear of the old blankets.

While the concepts of labour, time spent and productive activity are apparent, the pleasure within the execution of a set task dominates Falls’ approach to her work. Each stitch or puncture represents the momentary productive expenditure of time. The form and placement of these are of an orderly nature and, though their number demonstrates the productivity of the time spent in their manufacture, her focus remains securely on the immediacy of each moment.

By focusing on the manufacture of the artifact Falls locates the elegance within small, mundane, routine and ordinary activities, affirming the value of process over product.

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