Xuan Chen

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Screens , 2013

oil and acrylic on panels, 60" x 70" x 1"

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My combined exploration of cognitive responses to visual illusion with my painter’s approach to the creation of art reflects the growing contemporary practice of artists seeking new areas for technology and aesthetic to crossover. Using the visual language in computer generated 3D images and films; I have applied the method of producing 3D images into generating the colors and compositions in each painting. I also intentionally exaggerate the errors or mistakes in computer-generated 3D images and allow the red, green or blue alpha channels within the digital images to be exposed. In each painting, color is presented in one or many of the following ways: color is substance; color is light; color evokes emotions; color composes shapes; and color reflects as auras. Partly scientific and mathematical and partly empirical and spontaneous in making these paintings, I intend to device color spaces that reflect the contemporary digital visual culture.

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