Joomi Chung

[Relics, ink drawing on acetate, 20"x88", 2009]

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Vortices, 2009

ink drawing on acetate, Dimensions Variable

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“Time unfolds like a spiral. Past, present, and future are on the same plane, yet distant from each other. Every time we re-encounter a familiar moment, we live the past again, but displaced by a layer of time and memory that creates a particular mood, a feeling of loss and a desire to regain. In “Signoscope-Signoscape V: Vortices,” events flow, overlap, converge, and transfigure each other, forming and dissolving the contents embedded in them. People under piles of trash, compressed like discarded cars. Concrete roads, pipelines, and slick packages that block raw reality: war, poverty, contamination, global warming, overproduction, and overconsumption. The fall and rise of power, economy, ideology. An overload of data buries the information that really matters. Ruins, mountains of garbage, broken glass, and old rusted walls reflect the struggle and sorrow of powerless people. Riders fall and eggs ferment. Skin melts and decays. Butterfly wings are seductive traps. Memory loops endlessly. Tendons stretch. Flesh, swallowing flesh, morphs into a fatal cancer and bursts into fierce riots of dust. Dying stars, cracking shells, melting strata—the abyss.” – from Scape, AGNI magazine volume 70, Boston University

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