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Or, Death Speaks for Us (Derek), 2010

HD Video, 2m 27s, Dimensions Variable


In this video series, Cornelius creates images without images, dialog and context without the prescriptiveness of traditional sequences. These videos are mini-portals into the personal lives of individuals (marked by their title sequence). They serve as mini-portraits, imagined narratives of what friends of the artist may experience in the final moments before their ultimate expiration.

The video itself is shot on the consumer model Flip HD video camera. This handheld device allows the nuance of the artist’s literal hand and breathing patterns to structure the output of the visual image; we see the slight controlled/uncontrolled movements in the creation of the video footage, yet slowed down so that image itself feels like a mere back-drop for the performative quality of the text.

The text is presented in screenplay format, with some liberties to its conventions taken. The narratives of the text, combined with the subtle movement of the video footage, are the tools or found material Cornelius supplies to the audience, thus allowing the viewer to construct the final expression of the work, their own individual hypothesis about fate

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