Esme Valk

[Preparing the meal, TENT., Rotterdam, 2009.]

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Zicht Op Zalmhaven (Salmon Harbour View), 2010

food, mobile kitchen, conversation, text, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable


Zicht op Zalmhaven (Salmon Harbour View) is a single-table restaurant to which guests are invited for a three-course meal and an interdisciplinary conversation. I have invited guests who are researching the same subject, but who are working in different professional fields, such as art, philosophy, social science, cultural theory and history.

The dinner table is set in an intimate, confined space. Close by is a mobile kitchen where I prepare the meals. During the dinner no audience is present, afterwards, the content of the conversation is made public in the form of a PDF transcript which you can download here:

The restaurant has started by hosting three evenings on the subjects: 'Freedoms and Choices', 'Reading the City' and 'Changing Courses' and plans to continue with seven more.

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