Christine Callahan

[from the project "Trine"]

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Rainbow, Nassau Community College, 2010

Photograph, Dimensions Variable

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Artist Statement

Trine: Finding the Cosmic in Queens

When I see a slant of light refracted, I feel the gods breathing. I am quick to tilt my camera at an arc, bending before the lightning ghosts dissolve. Pockets of grey places flicker in and out of grace. I wait for the guillotine of light. It splits the object’s body from its soul. I try to catch it, severed, airy, bouncing and bowing. I am intoxicated by harsh lens flare, water, hair, the fringes of raw edges and parking lots. I hold still to harness the shine.

Trine: Term in astrology, of or pertaining to the trigon aspect of two planets distant from each other 120°, or the third part of the zodiac. The distance between planets corresponding to one side of a triangle.

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