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Bleach Box, 2014

Costumes, mask, sculpture, projection, spoken word, music composition, lighting., 25m 0s, Dimensions Variable


Bleach Box is a project presented as part of Experimentica 14, Chapter Arts, Wales, in November 2014.

The performance begins with the central character, dressed in a pink satin gown and crudely made aluminium mask, pouring from a small jug into the mouth of an inanimate, kneeling figure. The kneeling figure pisses into a bowl.

This bowl of piss becomes a supernaturally charged chamber of voices, through which an hallucinatory narrative develops.

This narrative blends elements of poetic horror with adventure story melodrama; by way of talking fish, an enchanted weaponised gherkin, bloodied children in peril, a shaved muff in a ventilation shaft, and an improvised high-energy disco tune exploring the notion of debt forgiveness as psychosexual ghost story.

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