Kelly Warman

[Tobias Laukemper & Kelly Warman, 2006]

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winwin, 2006

powerpoint animation, karaoke video, dvd, 1m 58s

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'winwin' pushes awkwardness to the point of comical relief. In the video text paragraphs which read like they must be from a primer for self-motivation and promotion appear on the screen as in a power-point presentation. Meanwhile the lyrics of Huey Lewis and the News’ 80s chart breaker It’s Hip to be Square flash up on the bottom of the screen in the style of a karaoke video. Karaoke singing is also what you hear on the sound track as the two artists, admittedly with more passion than skill, intone Lewis’ lyrics on bands in business suit, daily work-outs and dieting. The ideology of selling yourself and feeling no qualms about it seeps out of every text-bite. Only that it remains provocatively unclear whether the entrepreneurial spirit celebrated here is in fact a relic of 80s Yuppie culture or the mantra of our post-millennial creative industries. Are we talking about the past or future, a total sham or an essential survival strategy? In the end the piece works like a good joke. It exposes a dire reality just as much as it liberates you from the constraints of that reality through laughter.

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