Ula Wiznerowicz

[“There were 40 of us in the group but only four finished.”]

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Untitled, from the series 'Behind the Curtain', 2011

Giclee print, Dimensions Variable, Duration Variable

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Forgotten and useless things covered in dust; emaciated cats running around searching for leftovers; rooms taken over by spider webs and a strong odour of alcohol… This was merely a part of the chaos that I encountered while photographing my native village Palmowo and the surrounding areas in Poland.The series of photographs represents a personal journey through individual stories of the men and women dealing with alcoholism. I have attempted to create a visual narrative to reflect on my own story of the past. Not all the characters are necessarily alcoholics, but everyone has been affected by alcoholism, through family or friendship.Over the course of a year, I was gathering relevant information, researching medical data, and interviewing alcoholics, their families and doctors, who specialise in treating the addiction. I believe that this was essential, as it enabled me to fully understand the problem that plays a major role in my country, and express the issue in my photographic work.

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