Mike Ira Filan

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MUSIC, 2014

ENAMEL ON CANVAS, 60" x 70" x 3"

8,000 USD


484 West 43rd Street, 11-N

New York, New York 10036


Email: FilanArt2@aol.com


Artist Statement

My painting process has become brushless. The gestures, drips and splashes that unite my work have become increasingly more intricate over time and address viewers in a language that is private, intense and consistently self-referential. Within the context of abstraction, I am constantly inventing a new vocabulary that employs gesture, form and notation. The intensity of color is used as a mystical guide that leads me through the creation process. Spacial planes are created on the painting's surface that offer resting points for viewers to pause before further embarking on a journey of exploration. -Michael Filan

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