Adam Forrester

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The Stranger, 2013

HD Video Projection, 5m 1s, Dimensions Variable


My video work from the series Adopted Obstructions aims to merge the distinctions between the notions of utility and futility. Within these works, I assume the role of a man presented with an obstacle or task. The man engages in tasks that become comparable with the futile and the absurd. By capturing and codifying these long-form performances, these short video works serve as fictional representations of Sisyphean acts. Through wardrobe, color schemes, set design, and tasks of labor, I assume the role of a nameless individual scrupulously pursuing a futile endeavor. By virtue of these pursuits I have developed a strong kinship with failure and find my identity within failure and futility to be constructive. The videos paired with objects introduced as relics present these iterations of the myth of Sisyphus at the intersection of fact and fallacy, grounded by the physical presence of these objects but also read as an absurd fiction performed and constructed for the camera.

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